“Zero Dark Thirty and Argo don’t do justice to Arabs and Iranians”

The Guardian recently featured Nabil Echchaibi’s analysis of Arabs and Iranians in the Oscar-nominated films “Zero Dark Thirty” and “Argo.” Here is a short excerpt:

Affleck’s Argo rightly suggests the futility of violence, but also means to retrieve lost pride, this time with the story of an America that always beats the odds. The film has a compelling story, but its image of Iran is a society dogged by religious fanaticism. The 2009 Green Movement did not spring from a vacuum – a politically mature generation of Iranians, who don’t share their leaders’ narrow agendas, took to the streets. Protests and raucous debates endure today in Iran, Turkey and many Arab states – a sign of healthy societies in flux. In a recent demonstration in Tehran, protesters held signs that read: “Stop supporting Syria – focus on our situation,” and “Neither for Gaza nor for Lebanon; my soul is sacrificed for Iran.” Across the Arab world, slogans ask for jobs, education, ending corruption, and accountability, but they are only a fleeting sight for most Americans.

For the complete article, click here.

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